Focus on Birth to Three Years

These video resources have been developed with a focus on children from birth to age three years. They have been developed by the VCAA in conjunction with Anne Stonehouse AM and Early Childhood Australia (ECA). These resources can be used independently by individual educators; however,  they are more effective when used in small group discussions, led by a range of early years leaders, to reflect on their work.

What, why and how? Pedagogy with very young children

Photo from video of teacher talking with three young children 

This video resource consists of two sections and a collection of notes to support its use. It portrays very young children as capable, powerful, active contributors to their own and others’ experience, and as partners who have a right to exercise and strengthen their sense of agency.

The videos and booklet are available from the What, why and how? Pedagogy with very young children webpage.

Babies and Toddlers: Amazing learners

This video resource is about children as active learners from birth. The three videos (Learning about me; Learning about others; Learning about my world) highlight selected examples of significant learning in the birth-to-three-years period.

The video is available from the Babies and toddlers: Amazing learners webpage. The accompanying booklet (pdf - 407.25kb) provides background and advice on how to use this resource.

Cultural organisations in partnerships with families

Early Years Exchange No. 15 (published October 2017) focuses on children in the birth-to-three-years period, and includes interviews with Museums Victoria staff on the development of two recent exhibitions, the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery and Scienceworks' Ground Up: Building Big Ideas, Together, designed specifically for children in the birth-to-three-year period