VCAL Coordinator's Resource Kit


VASS Administration
The VCAL Quick Guide for VASS Administrators has been designed to assist VASS Administrators to enter VCAL certificate and student enrolment data into VASS and to produce specific reports.

  • To access the guide, log into VASS, select  System Admin > Downloads. Type VCAL into the keywords box then click on the Find button.

VCAL Contact Details

VCAL Coordinator - Sample Job Description
A sample VCAL Coordinator job description and selection criteria.

School and Study Search
Search for providers of VCE, VCAL and VCE VET.

VCAL Statistics
VCAL statistical information by year.

Written permission must be sought from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority to reproduce the VCAL hands-on graphic and all Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) material. See the Copyright Policy for information about the policy and how to request permission to use material.