VCAL Coordinator's Resource Kit


VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook

The VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook is published on an annual basis and includes all aspects of the administration of the VCE and VCAL.

VCAL Curriculum Planning Guides

Curriculum Planning Guides are available for these VCAL units:

  • Personal Development Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Industry Specific Skills and Worked Related Skills
  • Skills for Further Study

These publications are reviewed every five years.

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VCAL Unit Assessment Planning Guide

The VCAL Unit Assessment Planning Guide is available on the Teacher Resources page.


VCAA Bulletins

The VCAA Bulletin is published monthly and contains information on all curriculum and assessment matters.

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Where To Now?

Where To Now? is a guide to the VCE, VCAL and apprenticeships and traineeships.

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School and Study Search

The School and Study Search page provides information on schools/providers that offer Victorian senior secondary subjects (VCE and VCAL). This listing is based on enrolments of students. The home school of students has been used rather than the assessing school.

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VCAL Statistics


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VCAL PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint files can be used to support the delivery or promotion of VCAL. 

  • An Introduction to VCAL and Applied Learning (ppt - 2.23mb) 
    This presentation provides an overview of applied learning and VCAL. The presentation is suitable for providers that are considering delivering VCAL in the future. Many of the slides could also be included in a parent’s information presentation on the VCAL.
  • VCAL Assessment (ppt - 915kb) 
    This presentation provides an overview of VCAL unit assessment. An information sheet about VCAL Assessment is also available (see link under 'VCAL Information Sheets' above).
  • VCAL Briefing - November/December 2013 (ppt - 2.39mb)
    The VCAA organises a series of state-wide briefings in November/December to update VET and VCAL providers. This presentation is suitable for teachers/providers and includes a number of slides that could be used to promote VCAL to parents and the community e.g. growth in VCAL enrolments.  

Note: When you click on the link/s you can either save the file/s to your local drive, or open the file/s to see the slideshow in your browser.


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VCAL Exemplar Units

The VCAL Exemplars page contains examples of “best practice” VCAL units.<

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Employer Information

The Employer Resources page contains information for employers about the VCAL, including Frequently Asked Questions.

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