VCAL Coordinator's Resource Kit

Frequently Asked Questions about VCAL for Teachers/VCAL Coordinators

How can I be sure that my VCAL students are eligible to receive a VCAL certificate?

The VCAL Student Eligibility Report (within the Victorian Assessment Software System – VASS) can be run to determine students' eligibility to complete the VCAL certificate in which they are enrolled. The VCAL Student Eligibility Report may be produced using the menu STUDENT PROGRAM > VCAL Reports > Student Eligibility. Further information can be found in the VASS New Users Manual.

It is important that providers run the student eligibility report regularly (at least once every semester) to ensure that students are meeting the eligibility requirements for the VCAL.

For further information on the VCAL eligibility requirements please refer to the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook.

Does a VCAL student need to complete a Personal Development Skills unit as part of their VCAL program?

For all VCAL programs, students must complete at least one VCAL Personal Development Skills unit, at the award level or above. For further information, please refer to table Curriculum options for VCAL eligibility in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook.

How many units of work can a Senior VCAL student carry forward from the previous year?

Students can carry credit from previous years into a higher level VCAL program. Students commencing a new VCAL level must complete curriculum components to the value of six credits at the award level or above. Credits may be drawn from the same award level that the student is enrolled in or selected from an imediately lower level.

Note: Training classified at Foundation level, for example VCAL Foundation units and Further Education courses/certificates at level 1, cannot contribute to a Senior level VCAL.

One of my students is asking for recognition of prior learning (RPL) for recent and prior learning. What is recent and prior learning and what advice does the VCAA provide regarding RPL?

RPL is available for students who can demonstrate prior learning and experience relevant to VCAL Personal Development Skills, Skills for Further Study and Work Related Skills units. ;Recent and prior learning is learning that has taken place in the last year. Further information on RPL can be found in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook and the VCAL Unit Assessment and Planning Guide (pdf - 711.17kb) (April 2010).

Will students gain credit for partial completion of a VET unit?

No. VASS cannot record partial completion of a VET unit of competency.

One credit in the VCAL is awarded on successful completion of 90 nominal hours of accredited training. However, it is important to note that if a student completes 180 nominal hours out of a 190 nominal hour unit of competency, they will receive no credit in the VCAL because they have only partially completed this unit of competency.

If the student completes the 190 nominal hours they will receive two VCAL credits.

Can a student be enrolled in two VCAL certificates at the same time?

Generally a student should only be enrolled in one VCAL certificate in any single enrolment year, however if a student is finishing off the requirements of an award level that they were enrolled in last year, they can (and need to) be enrolled in that certificate again in the current year. This will ensure they receive a certificate once they have met the requirements. Students in this situation may be eligible to receive this certificate via the VCAL Mid Year release.

Our VCAL students are undertaking VCE units to meet VCAL strand requirements (e.g. VCE English 1 & 2 and VCE General or Foundation Maths 1 & 2 to meet the Literacy and Numeracy strand). In VASS if we complete the VCE units in the VCE section, does this automatically register our VCAL students as having fulfilled their Literacy and Numeracy strand (i.e. does it carry across to the VCAL certificate information at VASS)?

Any VCE subject, eg VCE English will contribute to a student's VCAL certificate.  For further details on the contribution that VCE English and VCE Mathematics units make to the VCAL please refer to the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook.

Does the VCAA provide any professional development (PD) for VCAL teachers?

The VCAA does provide PD in the form of conferences, induction workshops and information sessions. Information on PD is forwarded to providers in memorandums and is also advertised in the VCAA Bulletin, which is distributed to all VCAL providers and is available on our website.

How do I get copies of the curriculum planning guides?

All VCAL Curriculum Planning Guides, as well as other VCAA VCAL resources are available on the VCAA website.