VCAL Compulsory Strands

Strand 1 – Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Your VCAL learning program must include literacy and numeracy subjects, such as VCE English and Maths or other accredited studies such as literacy and numeracy modules from the Certificate in General Education for Adults.

Strand 2 – Industry Specific Skills

Your VCAL learning program must include Vocational Education and Training (VET) units of competency. However, you are not required to focus on or complete any single VET qualification. For example, you can choose to undertake various units of competency from a range of VET qualifications to meet the VCAL requirements, and gain experience in a range of vocational areas. The range of VET options is extensive with recognised training packages available from industries including automotive, engineering, building and construction, hospitality and retail, agriculture, horticulture, warehousing and hair and beauty.

If you enrol in VCAL at Foundation level, you may also include appropriate VCE units under this strand, e.g. Food and Technology.

Strand 3 – Work Related Skills

In order to develop 'employability skills', VCAL gives you the choice of undertaking:

  • Structured Workplace Learning
  • a School-based or Part-time Apprenticeship/Traineeship, or
  • part-time work.

You can also study units and modules that will help prepare you for work, for example occupational health and safety or job interview skills.

Strand 4 – Personal Development Skills

As part of your VCAL learning program, you participate in community-based projects, voluntary work and/or structured activities that will help develop your self-confidence, teamwork skills and other skills important for life and work.