Statistical Information 2002



Section 1: General information


Section 2.1: Satisfactory Completion of (non-VET) VCE Units

Accounting (doc - 38.5kb)
Agricultural and Horticultural Studies (doc - 38.5kb)
Art (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Indonesian Second language (doc - 39.5kb)
LOTE: Italian (doc - 39.5kb)
LOTE: Japanese First Language (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Biology (doc - 38.5kb)
Business Management (doc - 38.5kb)
Chemistry (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Japanese Second Language (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Khmer (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Korean First Language (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
Classical Societies and Cultures (doc - 38.5kb)
Contemporary Society (doc - 38.5kb)
Dance (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Korean Second Language (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Latin (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Latvian (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
Design and Technology (doc - 38.5kb)
Drama (doc - 38.5kb)
Economics (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Lithuanian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Maltese (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Macedonian (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
English Language (doc - 39kb)
English (doc - 39kb)
English (ESL) (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Persian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Polish (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Portuguese (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
English (Foundation) (doc - 39kb)
Environmental Science (doc - 39kb)
Food and Technology (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Romanian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Russian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Serbian (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
Foundation Maths (doc - 38kb)
Geography (doc - 38kb)
Health and Human Development (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
LOTE: Sinhala (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Spanish (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Swedish (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
History: 20th Century (doc - 41.5kb)
History: Asian (doc - 41.5kb)
History: Australian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 41.5kb)
LOTE: Tamil (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Turkish (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Ukrainian (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
History: Koorie (doc - 37.5kb)
History: Liberty and Authority (doc - 37.5kb)
History: Renaissance Italy (DOC-22KB) (doc - 37.5kb)
LOTE: Vietnamese (doc - 39.5kb)
Maths: General/Further Mathematics (doc - 39.5kb)
Maths: Mathematical Methods (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
History: Revolutions (doc - 40kb)
Industry and Enterprise (doc - 40kb)
Information Technology (DOC-27KB) (doc - 40kb)
Maths: Mathematical Methods (CAS) (doc - 42kb)
Maths: Specialist Mathematics (doc - 42kb)
Media (DOC-23KB) (doc - 42kb)
Information Processing and Management (doc - 39kb)
Information Systems (doc - 39kb)
International Studies (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39kb)
Music Styles (doc - 39.5kb)
Outdoor Education (doc - 39.5kb)
Philosophy (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Legal Studies (doc - 38.5kb)
Literature (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Albanian (DOC-22KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
Music Performance (doc - 38.5kb)
Music Performance: Group (doc - 38.5kb)
Music Performance: Solo (DOC-22KB) (doc - 38.5kb)
LOTE: Arabic (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Armenian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Auslan (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)
Physical Education (doc - 39.5kb)
Physics (doc - 39.5kb)
Political Studies (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
LOTE: Bengali (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Chinese First Language (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Chinese Second Language (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)
Psychology (doc - 39.5kb)
Religion and Society (doc - 39.5kb)
Studio Arts (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
LOTE: Dutch (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Filipino (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: French (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)
Systems and Technology (doc - 39.5kb)
Texts and Traditions (doc - 39.5kb)
Theatre Studies (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
LOTE: German (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Greek (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Hebrew (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)
Visual Communication and Design (DOC-23KB) (doc - 37.5kb)
LOTE: Hindi (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Hungarian (doc - 39kb)
LOTE: Indonesian First Language (DOC-22KB) (doc - 39kb)


Section 2.2 Satisfactory Completion of VCE VET Units

Agriculture (doc - 38kb)
Arts (Interactive Multimedia) (doc - 38kb)
Automotive (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
Furnishing (Cabinet Making) (doc - 38kb)
General Construction (doc - 38kb)
Horse Studies (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
Business (doc - 38kb)
Cisco Networking Academy Program (doc - 38kb)
(see also Information Technology) (doc - 38kb)
Clothing Design and Production (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
Horticulture (doc - 38kb)
Hospitality (doc - 38kb)
Information Technology (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
Community Services (doc - 38kb)
Dance (VCE VET) (doc - 38kb)
Desktop Publishing (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)
Laboratory Skills (doc - 37.5kb)
Music Industry Skills (doc - 37.5kb)
Retails Operations (DOC-23KB) (doc - 37.5kb)
Electronics (doc - 37.5kb)
Engineering (doc - 37.5kb)
Financial Services (DOC-23KB) (doc - 37.5kb)
Seafood Industry (doc - 39.5kb)
Small Business Practice (doc - 39.5kb)
Sport and Recreation (DOC-23KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Food Processing (doc - 38kb)
Food Retail (McDonalds) (doc - 38kb)
Food Technology (DOC-23KB) (doc - 38kb)

Section 3.1: Grade Distributions for (non-VET) Graded Assessments

Accounting (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Agricultural and Horticultural Studies (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)

Art (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Biology (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Business Management (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Chemistry (DOC-32KB) (doc - 49.5kb)

Classical Societies and Cultures (DOC-32KB) (doc - 49.5kb)

Contemporary Australian Society (DOC-32KB) (doc - 49.5kb)

Dance (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47kb)

Design and Technology (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Drama (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Economics (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

English (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

English (ESL) (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

English Language (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Environmental Science (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Food and Technology (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Geography (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)

Health and Human Development (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)

Australian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48kb)
Renaissance Italian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 49.5kb)
Revolutions (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Industry and Enterprise (DOC-33KB) (doc - 64.5kb)

Information Processing and Management (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)

Information Systems (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

International Studies (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Legal Studies (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Literature (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Languages Other Than English (LOTEs):

Albanian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Arabic (DOC-24KB) (doc - 48kb)
Armenian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Auslan (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Chinese First Language (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Chinese Second Language (DOC-24KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Classical Greek (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Croatian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Czech (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Dutch (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Filipino (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
French (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)
German (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48.5kb)

Languages Other Than English (LOTEs) cont:

Hebrew (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Hindi (DOC-27KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Hungarian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Indonesian First Language (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)
Indonesian Second language (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Italian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Japanese First Language (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Japanese Second Language (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Khmer (DOC-32KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Korean First Language (DOC-28KB) (doc - 45.5kb)
Korean Second Language (DOC-28KB) (doc - 45.5kb)
Latin (DOC-31KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Latvian (DOC-31KB) (doc - 41kb)
Lithuanian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Macedonian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Maltese (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Persian (DOC-28KB) (doc - 45kb)
Polish (DOC-28KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Portuguese (DOC-28KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Romanian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Russian (DOC-32KB) (doc - 43.5kb)
Serbian (DOC-28KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Sinhala (DOC-24KB) (doc - 40kb)
Spanish (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48.5kb)
Swedish (DOC-24KB) (doc - 41.5kb)
Tamil (DOC-24KB) (doc - 39.5kb)
Turkish (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Ukrainian (DOC-24KB) (doc - 40.5kb)
Vietnamese (DOC-33KB) (doc - 49kb)


Further Mathematics (DOC-33KB) (doc - 48kb)
Mathematical Methods (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Mathematical Methods (CAS) (DOC-33KB) (doc - 45kb)
Specialist Mathematics (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Media (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)


Performance: Group (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Performance: Solo (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)
Music Styles (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47kb)

Outdoor and Environmental Studies (DOC-33KB) (doc - 49kb)

Philosophy (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Physical Education (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Physics (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Political Studies (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Psychology (DOC-33KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Religion and Society (DOC-31KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Studio Arts (DOC-31KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Systems and Technology (DOC-31KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Texts and Traditions (DOC-31KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Theatre Studies (DOC-32KB) (doc - 47.5kb)

Visual Communication and Design (DOC-32KB) (doc - 50kb)

Section 3.2 Grade Distributions for VET Graded Assessments

VET Arts (Interactive Multimedia) (DOC-27KB) (doc - 43kb)VET Furnishing (DOC-24KB) (doc - 42.5kb)

VET Business (Office Administration) (DOC-27KB) (doc - 43kb)

VET Hospitality (Operations) (DOC-27KB) (doc - 43kb)

VET Community Services (DOC-27KB) (doc - 42.5kb)VET Information Technology Certificate III (DOC-27KB) (doc - 43kb)
VET Dance (DOC-27KB) (doc - 40kb)VET Laboratory Skills (DOC-27KB) (doc - 40kb)
VET Electronics (DOC-27KB) (doc - 42.5kb)