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VET success stories


Electrical Industry

Emily, Geelong High School
Electrical Apprentice

'VET gave me opportunities that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Structured workplace learning got my foot in the door and gave me an understanding of what to expect in the electrotechnology industry. It was the perfect way to decide if this career pathway was right for me.

It’s a male dominated industry but I chose to use that to challenge myself and build my confidence by proving that my abilities are no less than the others in my class.'

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A female VET Electrical Industry student working

Salt Electrical, Geelong

A male VET Hospitality student cooking

RACV City Club, Melbourne


Harrison, Assumption College
Apprentice Chef

'VET gave me a clear understanding of what was involved in becoming a chef. Completing my VET courses while I was at school has also reduced the time required for me to complete my apprenticeship after secondary school.

I was also lucky to have a great teacher who instilled me with a passion for learning. I’ve faced challenges with dyslexia, but I never lost sight of my goals. In 2017 I was awarded Apprentice of the Year for all RACV Clubs across Australia and received the Les Toques Blanches Award for Excellence for Best Dessert.'

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Hair and Beauty

Kiralee, Nhill College
Salon Owner

'I was never the most academic student so I knew a VET pathway would be perfect for me. It gave me the power to step outside my comfort zone, begin a new journey and work towards my dream career.

VET was fun, challenging, exciting and interesting because it was a whole new environment and I got to meet other people with the same interests.

I found that the balance between school, VET and work placement was great because it gave me a completely different view on school and what my future would look like.'

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A female VET Hair and Beauty student in hairdressing salon

Vanillah Hair & Beauty, Edenhope

A male VET Community Services and Hospitality in a biomed lab

Mendel Lab, BioSciences,
University of Melbourne

Community Services, Hospitality

Andreas, Braybrook College
Bachelor of Biomedicine, Volunteer with Doxa, Lord Somers Camp and Power House, and Teddy Bear Hospital

'The best part of VET Community Services was the work placement. I was fortunate to be placed at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre where I observed researchers and doctors doing incredible work. Experiencing the industry I wished to work in confirmed where I wanted to go with my career.

Apart from gaining qualifications that look great on a resume, both VET programs taught me skills that are transferable to the health industry and also helped me to get a job so I was able to earn some extra pocket money which was incredibly useful in VCE.'

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Alexandra, Firbank Grammar School
Stable Hand, Instructor, Bachelor of Psychology

'Since completing my Certificate II in Equine Studies I have gone on to work as a stable hand and instructor. My qualification equipped me with the essential skills that I needed to enter the equine industry as an informed, competent, and skilled stable hand. The knowledge that I acquired from this certificate has also assisted me in becoming a proficient horse owner and carer.

I’m continuing to develop my skills, training to become a qualified Equestrian Australia Introductory Coach and licensed teacher in the School of Légèreté.'

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A female VET Equine training a horse

Avoca Park, Macclesfield

A male VET Engineering, Automotive student working on a car piston

Alpine Auto Repairs, Bright

Engineering, Automotive

Mason, Bright P–12 College
Light Vehicle Automotive Apprentice

'I chose VET because I wasn’t a very academic student and I wanted to learn by being hands on. VET allowed me to explore my abilities and really challenge myself along the way. I was able to choose my career path, develop industry skills and get a lot of experience.

With the VET qualifications I received while I was at school, I was accepted into Motorsports training Australia, where I completed a two year, full-time course in motorsports as a pit crew mechanic. I am currently doing my light vehicle automotive apprenticeship.'

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Nicole, Wanganui Park Secondary College
Registered Nurse

'VET was a great way to experience working in hospitals, around a variety of health professionals, and get a taste of the career I thought I wanted.

After VCE I commenced a Bachelor of Nursing and the practical experience I had gained in VET gave me a distinct advantage in my studies. After my first year I was able to gain part-time employment in aged-care.

After university I worked at a top Melbourne hospital for two years, before returning to Shepparton to work in the emergency department.'

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A female VET Health student looking after a patient

Goulburn Valley Health,

A female VET Community Services reading a book in a library

Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne

Community Services

Judy, Braybrook College
Affairs Cadetship, VCE English Tutor, Volunteer with Dual Identity Leadership Program

'Growing up in an immigrant family and a culturally and linguistically diverse community; I have always had an interest in working with people. VET Community Services gave me the opportunity to follow my passion. We developed our knowledge on social issues experienced by marginalised groups and learnt how to be culturally aware when engaging with different people. It provided a practical learning experience where we were given the opportunity to practice the skills we learnt in the community services sector and in everyday life.'

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Dustin, Horsham College
Stock Agent, Farmer, Shearer,  volunteer Junior Football Coach

'VET allowed me to improve my communication skills, start my own business, do further study, travel to America to work on a dairy farm and opened up the doors to future career opportunities. Without my VET traineeship I would never have started my shearing business because I would never have learned to shear sheep. Without my VET traineeship I would never have done further study to get an Advance Diploma in Agribusiness Management. Without that diploma I would never have had a chance to work in America. Everything from my VET is linked together.'

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A male VET Agriculture student sitting in front of harvester machine

Jilpanger, Wimmera

A female VET Dance student helping another student doing leg stretches

Isolation Performing Arts Studio,


Meg, Marian College
Secondary School Teacher, Dance Teacher, VCE VET Dance External Exam Assessor

'I chose VET so I could incorporate my passion for performing arts with my schooling. VET Dance wasn’t just about studying information about dance and its history; it focused on learning about the current performing arts industry and preparing us to work in the industry after school. We got to spend a lot of time in class actually dancing in order to improve our technique, choreography skills and performance skills.

The knowledge and network I gained from the VET Dance course allowed me to gain employment in the performing arts industry.'

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