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VCE VET Programs

The VCE VET programs are grouped in alphabetical order. Choose the letter range below (for example, 'A - B' for 'Business') to see the program.

VCE VET programs are VET qualifications approved by the VCAA following consultation with schools, industry and training providers. VCE VET programs lead to nationally recognised qualifications, thereby offering students the opportunity to gain both the VCE and a VET qualification.

There are a variety of qualifications available in VCE VET programs, some which provide credit for VCE Units 1 & 2, and others that provide credit for VCE units 1 - 4. All VCE VET programs provide an opportunity for credit towards VCE Units 1 - 4, or VCAL.

VCE VET programs are constantly being developed or revised. Schools are advised to refer to the VCAA website and VCAA Bulletin for the most up-to-date information.

The VCE VET Program Guide 2018 (pdf - 583.17kb) (January 2018) provides general advice about the VCAA's suite of VCE VET programs. It is to be read in conjunction with the program booklet extracts published on the respective program pages on the VCAA website.

For program specific information on VCE VET programs, please refer to the individual pages below:

Please note: from 2017 the VCE VET Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Program has been renamed the VCE VET Creative and Digital Media (CDM) program, and the VCE VET Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Program has been renamed the VCE VET Information, Digital Media and Technology (IDMT) program.

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