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Structured Workplace Learning Recognition (SWLR): Guidelines for Assessment

The content of this page is available as a downloadable fact sheet:
Assessment Fact Sheet (pdf - 805.05kb) (March 2018)

The assessment guidelines provide the approved framework for assessment of structured workplace learning recognition (SWLR). They are designed to ensure that assessment is consistent with VCAA requirements and provide equity for all students across Victoria. In all instances, the home school is responsible for assessing and determining SWLR.

The assessment process requires the student to gather evidence and reflect on their learning in the workplace that relates to the VET qualification that they are enrolled in. The tool used to collect this evidence is the workplace learning record (WLR).

A female student and older male mentor discuss assessment at the workplace

The purpose of the WLR is to pose questions, allowing for student reflection on the workplace learning experience in the context of their current skills and knowledge. Students should reflect on what they observed and the tasks that they undertook that relate to the VET qualification they are studying.

The assessment process requires a staff member to review the observations made in the workplace and how these learnings relate to the VET qualification being undertaken.

This is not a process for assessing competence in the units of competency (UoC); this is to provide students with an opportunity to experience the UoCs in a real workplace setting and reflect on them. The reflection process provides for the formal assessment.

Assessment key elements

  • The workplace reflections recorded in the WLR provide evidence for the formal assessment of SWLR.
  • Students must reflect on a minimum of six (6) units of competency per SWLR Credit. This must consist of the workplace health and safety (WHS) UoC and five additional UoCs experienced over the 80 hours in the workplace.
  • Students can reflect on UoC that they have not yet undertaken if experienced in the workplace. If a UoC the student is undertaking is not listed in the WLR, this can be added at the end of Section 2.
  • If the student has no reflection evidence recorded, the assessing teacher may ask open-style questions to draw out the student’s experiences.
  • Evidence must be genuine and confirm the student’s own reflection.
  • Students will receive one VCE unit at Units 1 and 2 level or one VCAL general credit per year per VCE VET program. Students will need to be enrolled in 180 hours of UoCs in a VCE VET program.
  • Assessment of the WLR and formal recognition leading to the awarding of credit must be conducted by a person with an education and training background. This may be a qualified teacher, a trainer and assessor who meets the requirements outlined in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 or a qualified Careers Education Practitioner.
  • The person making the credit judgement does not need to be an industry expert or VET course trainer.
  • Assessment can be written or oral and may involve a one-on-one discussion between the student and assessor.
  • Students are required to analyse their own learning and practice of their skills, and articulate what changes or action they would make to improve their employability skills.
  • The professional judgment of the assessor or teacher will take into account the reflections of the student, evidence presented or discussed and the appropriateness of responses to the three questions for each UoC.
  • Assessment can occur at any time. Students may provide additional evidence or reflections to the satisfaction of the assessor. Once a determination has been made that the student has satisfactorily completed the requirements for a unit of credit, the assessor should complete and sign the SWLR Assessment Record (docx - 65.73kb) and pass it on to their VASS administrator for entry.

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Assessment requirements

Students are required to complete the three (3) sections from the WLR for a student to achieve credit for their SWLR.

Recording requirements for SWLR on VASS

VCE VET Structured Workplace Learning is recorded on VASS under the Certificate code SWL. The minimum requirements are set at 90 hours, which is the 80 hours of workplace placement component plus the completion of the WLR document.

See an example extract of the Certificate UoC Structure report on VASS (docx - 127.34kb)

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Support materials

Workplace Learning Records are available for all VCE VET programs on the Structured Workplace Learning page on the VCAA VET website.

Additional support materials are also available and will be added to over time.

See the VET SWLR site for further information.

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