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Apprenticeships and Traineeships Success Story


Photo of Apprenticeship and Traineeship success story Bethany 

Year 11

Accounting Units 1 and 2
Business Management Units 1 and 2
Business Services (VCE VET) Units A3 and A4, Units B3 and B4
English Units 1 and 2
Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2
Psychology Units 1 and 2

Year 12

Accounting Units 3 and 4
Business Management Units 3 and 4
English Units 3 and 4
Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4

Certificate III in Business Administration

Why did you choose a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBAT)?

Growing up in a family-run business, I always knew I wanted a career in business. An SBAT gave me the freedom to start work, earn money and study in my chosen field.

How did you choose your VCE studies?

I made sure my VCE subjects complemented my SBAT work in tourism and hospitality. It was important to me that I kept my future career and study options open. I even did two subjects at university as part of VCE Plus at La Trobe University.

What was your study management strategy?

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but the last few years of school are extremely busy. I was working part-time, doing my traineeship and studying. Developing time management skills, planning for time off and making time to attend class are all essential for doing well in an SBAT and the VCE.

What are your top study tips?

  • Make a study–work plan and try to stick to it as much as possible.
  • Develop good working relationships with your teachers. They can offer you support in a variety of different ways and help keep you on track.
  • Attend class as much as you can. If you do miss anything, make sure you ask for help from your teachers so that you don't slip behind.

What is your advice to future SBAT students?

If there is an industry you are interested in and you have the opportunity to work in that industry, go for it. I have had a lot of opportunities to grow and learn as a result.

My teachers were very helpful and offered me alternative ways to access classroom teaching to make sure I didn't miss out on anything.

How has a SBAT prepared you for the future?

I currently work at a group training organisation, working directly with apprentices and trainees. Doing an SBAT helped me to develop networks in the field I wanted to work in. It really gave me a head start in my career.

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