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VCE VET Programs 2019

You may be able to complete a VET program at another school or at an RTO by arrangement with your school. Individual schools are unlikely to offer all these programs.

Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management

  • Certificate II in Agriculture
  • Certificate II in Conservation and
    Land Management
  • Certificate II in Horticulture (all sectors)

Animal Studies

  • Certificate II in Animal Studies

Applied Fashion Design
and Technology

  • Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design
    and Technology

Applied Language

  • Certificate II in Applied Language
  • Certificate III in Applied Language


  • Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation

Building and Construction

  • Certificate II in Building and Construction


  • Certificate II in Business
  • Certificate III in Business†


  • Cisco Networking Academy v6

Community Services

  • Certificate II in Community Services
  • Certificate II in Active Volunteering
  • Certificate III in Community Services†
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education
    and Care

Creative and Digital Media

  • Certificate II in Creative Industries
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media†


  • Certificate II in Dance†

Electrical Industry

  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (prevocational)
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology
    (Career Start)


  • Certificate II in Engineering Studies†

Equine Studies

  • Certificate II in Equine Studies†


  • Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways†

Hair and Beauty

  • Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant
  • Certificate III in Beauty Services
  • Certificate III in Make Up


  • Certificate II in Health Support Services
  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance†
  • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance


  • Certificate II in Hospitality†
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations†

Information, Digital Media
and Technology

  • Certificate II in Information, Digital Media
    and Technology
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media
    and Technology†

Integrated Technologies

  • Certificate II in Integrated Technologies†

Laboratory Skills

  • Certificate III in Laboratory Skills†


  • Certificate II in Music Industry
  • Certificate III in Music Industry†
    • Performance
    • Sound Production

Small Business

  • Certificate II in Small Business

Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation†
VET music student 


† Scored program

Structured workplace learning

Structured workplace learning (SWL) can be a valuable component of VET qualifications undertaken by VCE or VCAL students. SWL is on-the-job training that allows students to develop their work skills and understand employer expectations. It complements the training undertaken at the school or provider and should be spread across the duration of the training program. It provides context for:

  • enhancement of skills development
  • practical application of industry knowledge
  • assessment of units of competency/modules
    as determined by the RTO
  • increased employment opportunities.

When you undertake SWL in the same industry as your VET certificate, you can gain additional units towards your VCE or VCAL if you complete SWL Recognition. This is a process where you reflect on your SWL experiences in a Workplace Learning Record and discuss these with your school.

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