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VET Success Story


Photo of VET success story Dominique

Year 10

Dance (VCE VET) Units 1 and 2
Foundation English Units 1 and 2

Year 11

Dance (VCE VET) Units 3 and 4
Dance Units 1 and 2
English Language Unit 1
English Unit 2
Legal Studies Unit 1
General Mathematics Units 1 and 2
Studio Arts Unit 2
Sociology Units 1 and 2

Year 12

Dance Units 3 and 4
English Units 3 and 4
Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4
Studio Arts Units 3 and 4

Certificate II in Dance

Why did you choose a VET program?

I decided to do VET Dance because it helped me to further my knowledge and experience of the dance industry while studying for the VCE.

How did you choose your VCE VET studies?

VET gave me real industry experience, helping me transition from VCE to full-time dance training. Nutrition, auditions, CV writing and head shots and forming strong bonds with industry leaders in my field, are all crucial elements to succeeding outside Year 12.

What was your study management strategy?

Good time management was my strategy. By managing my time as efficiently as possible for each subject, I found it a lot easier to retain the information I learnt and focus on key points.

What are your top study tips?

  • Practice SACs and exams are key!
  • Attempt past exam questions throughout the year, as it will give you a basis from which you can improve.
  • Be organised and learn to prioritise your time under the limits you'll have during exams.

What is your advice to future VET students?

Believe in yourself and set study goals; without that belief and those goals you'll find it very hard to stay motivated. Once you've set your goals, achieving them will count towards your final VCE result.

How has VET prepared you for the future?

Doing VET helped me to be confident in a broad range of areas that support my career as a dancer. VCE and VCE VET Dance really cemented my love for dance during my final years of high school. I was able to learn so much about the industry and had valuable experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of the art and the profession. Going into full-time dance training could have been really daunting, but because I completed those VCE studies I felt fully prepared.

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