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Industry Specific Skills

The Industry Specific Skills strand enables the development of skills, knowledge and attributes related to one or more vocational contexts in preparation for progression to further learning or employment. While specific VET units can be curriculum components of this strand, the learning program should focus on vocational contexts so learners can make informed choices on the pathway options available through the VCE, VET, FE and employment.


There are no VCAL units within the Industry specific skills strand. At Intermediate and Senior level of the VCAL, curriculum selected for this strand must be drawn from nationally-recognised VET qualifications such as state accredited curriculum or training packages. At Foundation level, curriculum can be drawn from nationally recognised certificates or training package qualifications or a selected VCE unit that has a vocational focus. Further information is provided in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook.


Delivery and assessment must be in accordance with the requirements of the individual curriculum components selected for the study. For example, if selecting a unit of competency from Certificate II in Hospitality, the unit must be delivered by an appropriately qualified person in accordance with the delivery and assessment requirements of the AQTF.

Guidance about meeting the formal requirements for the delivery and assessment of VET will be provided by the RTO that is delivering or auspicing the program.


VCE VET programs selected for inclusion in a VCAL learning program must be delivered and assessed in accordance with VCAA requirements. VCAL providers should refer to the relevant VCE VET program booklets and the current VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook for further information.


Satisfactory completion

Students must successfully complete a minimum of one credit in the Industry specific skills strand to meet the minimum VCAL course requirements. One credit will be given for the successful completion of accredited vocational education and training units of competency/modules that total 90 nominal hours. This could include, for example, three completed 30-hour units of competency/modules or one completed 90-hour unit of competency/module. If a student partially completes a VET unit of competency/module, for example, 90 hours of a 150-hour unit of competency, they will not receive credit towards the VCAL.

Accreditation period

The accreditation period is January 2020 to December 2024.

Support material

VCAL Industry Specific Skills Strand and Work Related Skills Strand Curriculum (pdf - 1.11mb)

VCAL Industry Specific Skills Strand and Work Related Skills Strand 2020–2024 Advice for teachers

VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook


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