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Literacy skills oral communication units

Literacy skills oral communication units are designed at the VCAL Foundation, Intermediate and Senior certificate levels. Each unit contains four learning outcomes. It is appropriate, but not mandatory, that a Literacy skills oral communication unit is integrated with a Literacy skills reading and writing unit.

VCAL qualification and strand requirements

Refer to the following resources for information on VCAL qualification and strand requirements.

VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook

VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Strand Curriculum Planning Guide (docx - 161.2kb)


The curriculum for Literacy skills oral communication units is designed to develop student knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to reading and writing, and their practical application in the contexts of everyday life, family, employment, further learning and community.

Literacy skills corresponding with these social contexts include reading and writing for:

  • self-expression
  • practical purposes
  • knowledge
  • public debate.


Assessment in the VCAL is designed to assess a student’s achievement of a learning outcome by collecting evidence about their performance, and making a judgment about whether they have met the requirements of that learning outcome. These requirements are clearly outlined in the elements of each learning outcome.

Students must be observed to demonstrate achievement on more than one occasion and in different contexts to make sure the assessment is consistent, reliable, fair and equitable.

Teachers should use a variety of learning activities and assessment tasks that provide a range of opportunities for students to demonstrate each learning outcome.

A range of evidence can be used to demonstrate that a student has achieved the learning outcomes. This includes, but is not limited to, direct observation, written work, oral presentations, object production and project implementation.

Suitable tasks for assessment can be found in the corresponding advice for teachers.

An assessment task used to demonstrate achievement of one or multiple learning outcomes in one VCAL unit cannot be used to demonstrate achievement in any other VCAL unit, VET unit of competency or VCE study.

Satisfactory completion

To be credited with a Literacy skills oral Communications unit, students must demonstrate achievement in all four learning outcomes. All elements in a learning outcome must be met in the one task for students to demonstrate achievement in that outcome.

Accreditation period

Accreditation expires on 31 December 2022.

Support material

VCAL Literacy and Numeracy Skills Strand Curriculum Planning Guide

Curriculum Planning Guide-Literacy Skills Units Only

VCAL Literacy Skills Units Advice for Teachers

Literacy Teacher Interviews