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Work related skills unit 1

Work Related Skills unit 1 is designed at the VCAL Foundation, Intermediate and Senior certificate levels. Unit 1 at the Foundation,  Intermediate and Senior levels has five learning outcomes.

VCAL qualification and strand requirements

Refer to the following resources for information on VCAL qualification and strand requirements.

VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook

VCAL Industry Specific Skills Strand and Work Related Skills Strand Curriculum


The curriculum for the Work Related Skills units is designed to develop employability skills, knowledge and attributes valued within community and work environments as a preparation for employment. The development of employability skills provides learners with a capacity to consider and choose from the range of pathways. The development of occupational health and safety knowledge prepares learners for the workplace.

Work Related Skills unit 1 at each VCAL level is designed to achieve learning outcomes important for occupational health and safety, and the development of career goals.


The purpose of assessment in the VCAL is to determine a student’s achievement of a learning outcome by collecting evidence about their performance and making a judgement about whether they have met the requirements of that learning outcome.

These requirements are clearly outlined in the elements of each learning outcome. Teachers should use a variety of assessment tasks that provide a range of opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement of each learning outcome.

Evidence of achievement can include, but is not limited to, direct observation, written work, oral presentations, object production and project implementation.

Students must be observed to demonstrate achievement of a learning outcome on more than one occasion and in different contexts to ensure the assessment is valid, reliable, fair, flexible and equitable.

Where a learning outcome requires the completion of numerous assessment activities in a variety of contexts, these activities and their supporting evidence are able to demonstrate achievement of this learning outcome.

An assessment task used to demonstrate achievement of one or multiple learning outcomes in one VCAL unit cannot be used to demonstrate achievement in any other VCAL unit or competency in a VET unit of competency.

Assessment of VCE units must be in accordance with VCE study designs and cannot be incorporated with other assessment.

Satisfactory completion

To be credited with a Work Related Skills unit students must demonstrate achievement in all learning outcomes.  Wherever possible, all elements within a learning outcome should be achieved in the one assessment task.

Accreditation period

The accreditation period is January 2020 to December 2024.

Support material

VCAL Industry Specific Skills Strand and Work Related Skills Strand 2020–2024 Advice for teachers