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Sample assessment task templates

The 2019 VCAL sample assessment task templates provided within this VCAL Quality Assurance Kit must be completed and submitted by all providers for VCAL QA. These templates can be downloaded and saved to your computer from the VCAA website. Providers are expected to type details of their sample assessment tasks into the templates and submit these to their respective VLT by the due date.

The sample task/s submitted for VCAL QA should stand alone. Sufficient detail needs to be included to give a clear idea of how the task/s meets the learning outcomes. Supporting evidence that directly relates to the work indicated on the SATT should also be included where this supports clear understanding of the tasks involved. Sample task submissions for 2019 are now closed.

The regional VCAL QA panels will meet to review the sample assessment task templates according to the following criteria:

  • Does the task meet the purpose statement of the strand/unit?
  • Is the task at the appropriate level?
  • Does the task enable the student to achieve the specified learning outcomes/elements?

The VCAL QA panels will provide feedback on the task/s submitted. The VCAL QA panels will determine the best method to provide feedback to providers.

The VCAL QA panels will also select templates that can be submitted for publication on the VCAA website.


Providers are asked to use the VCAL sample assessment task templates when submitting sample tasks for the 2019 VCAL QA process to the VCAL QA panel in their region.

Sample assessment task templates have been prepared for:

  • personal development skills
  • work-related skills
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • skills for further study – senior.

All elements, with the exceptions listed below, must be completed within the one assessment task.

In the case of the VCAL Numeracy and Literacy Skills Oral Communication units the elements do not need to be met in one activity or task. Therefore, the variety of assessment tasks or activities must be included on the cover page of the sample assessment task template in the ‘Overview of the assessment task and the project/theme it is linked to’ section.

Sample task submissions for 2019 are now closed.

​Providers with questions regarding the 2019 VCAL QA process for their region should contact their VLT. For contact details, please see Panel contacts.

Personal Development Skills (PDS) Units

PDS Foundation Unit 1


PDS Foundation Unit 2


PDS Intermediate Unit 1


PDS Intermediate Unit 2


PDS Senior Unit 1


PDS Senior Unit 2


Work Related Skills (WRS) Units

WRS Foundation Unit 1


WRS Foundation Unit 2


WRS Intermediate Unit 1


WRS Intermediate Unit 2


WRS Senior Unit 1


WRS Senior Unit 2


Literacy Skills Units

Literacy Skills Foundation: Reading & Writing


Literacy Skills Foundation: Oral Communication


Literacy Skills Intermediate: Reading & Writing


Literacy Skills Intermediate: Oral Communication


Literacy Skills Senior: Reading & Writing


Literacy Skills Senior: Oral Communication


Numeracy Skills Units

Numeracy Skills Foundation


Numeracy Skills Intermediate Unit 1


Numeracy Skills Intermediate Unit 2


Numeracy Skills Senior Unit 1


Numeracy Skills Senior Unit 2


Advanced Numeracy Skills Senior


Skills for Further Study Unit – Senior

Skills for Further Study - Senior