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Victorian Curriculum -

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Curriculum area advice

The VCAA provides advice and resources for each curriculum area, including curriculum-specific planning, assessment and reporting advice, links to relevant external resources, curriculum-specific FAQs, and contact information for the relevant curriculum area manager.

On-demand video resources

On-demand videos support and augment teacher knowledge about specific aspects of Victorian Curriculum F-10 implementation. They provide teachers with information about content and are accessible through the video page under “Resources” of each curriculum and learning area.

Academic vocabulary: Teacher resource

Academic vocabulary can be broadly defined as the specific language requirements students need to know and understand in order to learn. This includes the specific language content for each learning area and capability that students need to master in order to be successful learners within that field of study. Having an appropriate academic vocabulary means that students are able to understand and use the words required in every learning area and capability and during reading and viewing, writing and creating, speaking and listening. This depth of their vocabulary influences their thinking, communication and articulation of learning. 

Academic vocabulary is usually not a part of students' everyday language and is best learned through repeated exposures, in both writing and speech. The literacy and language demands of each learning area and capability are different and they need to be taught within the context of the school's teaching and learning program (Ludwig, 2000). Marzano and Pickering (2005) state that teaching the required vocabulary in an explicit manner is 'the strongest action a teacher can take to ensure that students have the academic background knowledge they need to understand the content they will encounter'. 

Vocabulary is an important focus of literacy teaching and refers to the knowledge of words, including their:

  • structure (morphology)
  • use (grammar)
  • meanings (semantics), and
  • links to other words (word/semantic relationships).


Additional information for primary schools is available from the Department of Education and Training.


Additional information for secondary schools, including advice on building academic vocabulary and the Victorian Curriculum F–10 combined glossary.

Curriculum Mapping Templates

Linked below are zipped folders containing curriculum mapping templates for the whole Victorian Curriculum. You can download templates for both Primary and Secondary, or download them separately.  Curriculum-area-specific mapping templates can be located using the drop down list above.

Primary (including Levels A-D)

Primary Mapping documents by curriculum area (zip - 13.44mb)


Secondary Mapping documents by curriculum area (zip - 11.65mb)

Combined Levels

All Mapping documents by curriculum area (zip - 24.59mb)