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Curriculum planning

Victorian Curriculum F–10: Revised curriculum planning and reporting guidelines (pdf - 1,010.58kb)

These guidelines provide advice for Victorian schools on the effective use of the curriculum to develop whole-school teaching and learning plans and to report student learning achievement.

Whole-school curriculum planning plays a key role in enabling schools to deliver the F–10 curriculum for all students and reflects the decisions, resources and priorities of the school. As part of a comprehensive whole-school plan, schools are asked to consider the extent to which they have documented their teaching and learning plan for each curriculum area across the years of schooling to support a progression of learning.

Curriculum Planning Resource

The Curriculum Planning Resource website provides school leadership with a range of resources to support planning and documenting a teaching and learning program based on the curriculum. It includes a self-assessment tool. Curriculum planning examples based on the Victorian Curriculum will be published on this website.

Templates for whole-school planning

One layer of curriculum planning outlined on the Curriculum Planning Resource website (highlighted above) is whole-school planning. This is a high-level summary of the coverage of all the curriculum areas delivered through the teaching and learning program, and reflects the school's goals, vision and areas of specialisation or innovation. Schools have considerable flexibility in determining how best to organise and structure their teaching and learning programs while ensuring coverage of all the curriculum areas.

A range of sample templates have been developed to support schools in documenting this high-level information using the Victorian Curriculum F–10. The templates provide options for schools to consider when deciding how to best represent their teaching and learning program, while ensuring coverage of all the learning areas and capabilities. There is a template for each band of schooling, as well as a number of alternative representations. The templates are published in Excel format and schools can modify the templates to meet their needs.

Victorian Curriculum F–10 whole school planning templates in bands of schooling (xlsx - 87.89kb)

Victorian Curriculum F–10 whole school planning templates for alternative representations (xlsx - 201.76kb)

Curriculum mapping templates

Mapping identifies the extent of curriculum coverage in units of work and clearly links teaching, learning and assessment while working with the curriculum continuum. Mapping templates support teachers to identify where content descriptions and achievement standards are being explicitly addressed within the school’s teaching and learning program.

An annotated example is provided to assist teachers in visualising how the template could be completed. Please refer here: Curriculum mapping instructions (docx - 408.32kb).

Templates are available from each of the curriculum area resource pages.