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COVID-19 general information

See coronavirus.vic for changes to education services during COVID-19 in Victoria.

General Achievement Test 2021

The GAT will be held on Tuesday 5 October from 10.00am – 1.15pm.

This is subject to public health advice and epidemiological conditions.

We will continue to work with the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health on health and safety requirements for the GAT.

Consideration of Educational Disadvantage and Special Consideration

We will again use the Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED) process to finalise VCE results.

The CED process accounts for the disruption to student learning caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It applies to every student completing one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3–4 sequences in 2021, including Year 10 and 11 students.

It restores a student's results to where they would have been without the disruptions that have occurred throughout the year and makes sure that final VCE results are valid and fair for all students.

Special consideration will also be available for final year VCAL students with each school making a balanced judgement about the level of impact on students and adjusting assessment activities to reflect this.

2021 Results Release Date

The VCE and VCAL results release date is 16 December 2021.

This is to allow the time needed to complete the CED process and the additional statistical analysis required to support it.

Schools and educators

For more information on the CED and special consideration processes and to see latest updates, please visit the Advice for Schools and Educators page.

Students and learners – VCE, VCE VET AND VCAL

Victoria's students have shown great initiative, energy and resilience in meeting the challenges that the pandemic has presented.

We receive many enquiries from VCE and VCAL students. If you have questions, please email us or call 1800 134 197.

Get in contact

If you have questions, please email us or call 1800 134 197.