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2019 VCE High Achievers

Congratulations to all

happy faces of students

Warmest congratulations to all VCE students on their impressive results achieved this year. To the 49,324 students who completed their VCE and the 14,217 students who achieved a study score of 40 and above, you should be extremely proud of your fantastic achievement. For many, these results mark the end of a 13-year journey through school, which in itself is a cause for celebration.

The VCE results represent individual stories of hard work, motivation and determination from the thousands of students across Victoria. They also exemplify the unstinting commitment of teachers, parents and carers in preparing students and supporting them through this significant challenge.

The quality of the work produced by the VCE students this year, as in previous years, was outstanding. These inspiring individuals have shown a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills required for the examinations, which indicates effective teaching and learning. Creativity and imagination was demonstrated across their work and each student should be very proud of their efforts. 

I wish the students all the best as they embark on their chosen pathways.

Claude Sgroi, Acting CEO, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority


Study Data  pdf (pdf - 848.33kb) | excel (xlsx - 521.06kb)
Student Data  pdf (pdf - 935.09kb)excel (xlsx - 601.59kb)