VCE forms

The following forms are used by schools when administering programs managed by the VCAA. 

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Authentication Records for School-assessed Tasks for Art, Media, Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Food and Technology, Product Design and Technology and Systems Engineering are now accessible from the relevant VCE study pages.

Credit Towards the VCE/VCAL
Describes how to make an application for credit towards VCE/VCAL.

Replacement Results or Certificates
How to obtain a replacement results statement or results certificate. Can be completed online, or downloaded as a PDF document.

Season of Excellence Application Form
Links to the latest Season of Excellence application forms.

Second Language Application for Enrolment forms:

There are enrolment entry requirements for VCE English as an Additional Language (EAL) and the VCE Second Language studies in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese. 

All enrolments in VCE Second Language studies Units 3 and 4 must be approved by the VCAA using the forms below.

Statement of Equivalent Qualification (pdf - 92kb) 
Information on the issue of a Statement of Equivalent Qualification to people who have educational qualifications from overseas.



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Forms available to schools through VASS

Forms for enrolment and withdrawal

  • VCE and VCAL Student Personal Details (please note this form is not a Download file)
  • GAT Student Personal Details
  • IB Student Personal Details
  • Year 10 Student Personal Details
  • Assessing School Enrolment Notification
  • Student Exit form
  • Application for Late VCE and VCAL Enrolment Amendments
  • Application for Late VET Enrolment Amendments
  • Chinese Second Language/Advanced Application Units 3 & 4
  • Chinese Language, Culture and Society Units 3 & 4
  • English as an Additional Language Application Units 3 & 4
  • Indonesian Second Language Application Units 3 & 4
  • Japanese Second Language Application Units 3 & 4
  • Korean Second Language Application Units 3 & 4
  • Vietnamese Second Language Application Units 3 & 4
  • Application for credit towards VCE/ VCAL

Forms for Special Provision

  • Interrupted Studies Status Application
  • Application for Authorised Absence from the General Achievement Test (GAT)
  • Application for emergency special examination arrangements

Forms for Examination Conduct and Administration

  • Application to sit external assessments Interstate or Overseas
  • Additional Assistant Supervisors
  • Applications for funding of External Venue
  • Change of Chief Supervisor
  • Application for Additional Assistant Supervisors
  • Supervisors Relationships Statutory Declaration

Forms for VASS and late data changes

  • VASS Critical Dates – Extension of Time
  • Notification of Late Amendments to VCE and VCAL Units
  • Notification of Late Amendments to Units of Competency/Modules
  • Notification of Late Amendments to VCE and VCAL Units Prior to 2014
  • Application for VET or Further Education qualifications to be added to VASS

Forms for School-based Assessment

  • Small group Partnership Agreement form
  • Report on Lost/Stolen/Damaged School-assessed Tasks and the Externally-assessed Task (LSD)
  • Authentication Record for School-assessed Tasks and the Externally-assessed Tasks
  • Authentication Record for School-assessed Coursework

Forms for post-results services

  • Confirmation of Grades Request
  • VCE Examination Score Review Application (available with the VCE Examination Score Review policy and procedures download)