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Information for Providers

Information for VCAL providers on key aspects relating to VCAL implementation. This includes Themed VCAL, VCAL teacher resources, administrative information about the number of credits students require to successfully complete their VCAL, and the VCAA's Quality Assurance process.

About VCAL
An overview of The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) - a 'hands-on' option for students in Years 11 and 12.

Themed VCAL
Describes what Themed VCAL is and details the various components of a Themed VCAL learning program including requirements, selection of curriculum, delivery partnerships and timelines.

VCAL Quality Assurance
Covers the Quality Assurance process employed by the VCAA to ensure adherence to the guidelines and regional benchmarks for consistency in the design and assessment of VCAL units. The VCAL Quality Assurance Kit can be accessed here.

Teacher Resources (VCAL Publications)
A list of publications and support materials. Includes general information and publications about VCAL administration, accreditation, curriculum and assessment.

VCAL Coordinator’s Resource Kit
This kit has been produced to support the VCAL Coordinator in the delivery and coordination of VCAL.

VCAL Achievement Awards
The VCAL Achievement Awards acknowledge the achievements of VCAL students and the contributions of teachers and partner organisations to VCAL programs.

Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Grants
The Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Grants provide a stimulus for providers to develop learning initiatives that will foster student life-long learning and increased community engagement.

A list of forms relating to the administration of VCAL.

Statistics on student performance in each VCAL units.

Career Opportunities/Professional Development
A list of current employment and professional development opportunities available at the VCAA.

Industry Pathways in the VCE and VCAL
Industry pathways in the VCE and VCAL were introduced in 2015. They provide a new form of recognition for students who choose to complete a senior secondary program of study in a specific vocational area.

VCAL Contacts
Contact information for VCAA central office staff, VCAL Liaison Teachers, DEECD Later Years Consultants and VCAL contacts in Catholic and Independent Schools.