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The VCE in China

Since 2002, more than 4000 students have successfully completed the VCE in China.

The VCE, an internationally-recognised senior secondary certificate, offers opportunities for Chinese students to continue their education at leading universities around the world with over 94% of VCE offshore graduates choosing to study at Australian Universities and many going on to study in the USA, UK and Canada.

The VCE is delivered in China through partnerships between Chinese and Victorian schools. For more information on school partnerships and how your school can become involved, visit our Become an overseas provider page.

Schools delivering the VCE in China

The VCE is currently offered by the following schools in China:


  • Chuzhou Foreign Language School


  • Beijing Foreign Language School
  • Zhongguancun Foreign Language School


  • Chongqing New Epoch School


  • Meisha Academy by Haileybury
  • Sanshui Foreign Language School, Foshan


  • Harbin American-Canadian Foreign Language School


  • Luoyang No.1 Senior High School
  • Zhengzhou Foreign Language School


  • Hengshui No.1 High School
  • Wuhan Foreign Languages School


  • Lianyungang Foreign Language School
  • Nanjing Experimental School
  • Jiangyan No.2 High School
  • Qidong Qidi Foreign Language School
  • Suzhou International Foreign Language School
  • Taixing No. 1 Senior High School


  • Shanghai Pudong Foreign Language School
  • Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language School
  • Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College High School


  • Heze No.1 Middle School
  • Qingdao No.19 Middle School


  • Haileybury International School Tianjin


  • Hailiang Foreign Language School, Zhuji
  • Ningbo Li Hui Li High School
  • Wenzhou No.21 Middle School


Chinese schools and students

If you represent a school in China which is interested in delivering the VCE, please contact VCAA International.