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Become a Victorian partner

First steps

A Victorian provider seeking to deliver the VCE overseas must first find an overseas school with which to partner.

There are several criteria to consider when selecting an overseas partner school:

  • An overseas partner school must be able to attract and sustain a consistent and viable student cohort for its VCAA program.
  • The location of the partner school and associated political and market conditions must be favourable for a long-term program.
  • The student base at the overseas school must have the ability, both academically and in terms of English language competency, to support the successful delivery of the chosen program.
  • Infrastructure and facilities must meet VCAA standards, both in terms of curriculum delivery and operational health and safety.

Licence application

Under a partnership model for the international delivery of a VCAA education program, it is the Victorian school that is licensed by the VCAA.

Once an appropriate overseas partner school has been selected, the Victorian provider may apply to the VCAA for a licence to deliver a VCAA program overseas. Again, several criteria must be met, including:

  • evidence of adequate planning for program delivery, including teacher recruitment and professional development
  • evidence of compliance with VCAA standards of quality assurance and risk management
  • evidence of strong and stable academic and financial performance at both the Victorian partner and the overseas school
  • evidence of full authorisation for the delivery of the VCAA program from the relevant local, provincial and national authorities

Application assessment and licensing

VCAA International will play an active role in the assessment of any application. Prospective applicants must contact VCAA International at the earliest opportunity and are encouraged to maintain close contact throughout the application process.

Once a final licence application is submitted, the VCAA will call a meeting of its International Working Party to assess the application. The International Working Party is made up of senior Victorian government representatives and industry experts.

The International Working Party will make one of three decisions on any application, these being: approval; conditional approval contingent on certain requirements being met; or rejection of the application.

Approval is usually granted pending an inspection of the proposed overseas site by VCAA officials. Once the application and the site have been approved, the VCAA will sign a licence agreement with the applicant, authorising the delivery of the program.