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Use the calendar on this page to learn about and register for a VCE professional learning webinar.

After registering for a webinar, you will receive a calendar invite with details about how to login on the day.

Most webinars are recorded and published on the past professional learning materials page or VCE study pages.

Webinar system requirements

We conduct webinars using Cisco Webex, a cloud-based web and video conferencing platform. We recommend you use either the Webex Meetings desktop app or Google Chrome. If using a mobile device, download the Cisco Webex Meetings app available through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Before joining a webinar:

Terms and conditions

By registering for a webinar hosted by the VCAA, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and consent to the terms of the VCAA Collection Notice, VCAA Copyright Terms and any code of conduct stated as applicable to this event.

Our webinars and on-demand videos support the implementation of the VCE study designs. They include presentations by external educators and subject matter experts, who are highly experienced and deliver their considered, individual interpretations of the study designs in the context of the classroom. These interpretations should not be seen as fixed or mandated but, rather, as suggestions or possibilities. The VCE study designs remain the official documents for schools and VCE providers to use in preparing teaching, learning and assessment plans. If you have any questions, contact the curriculum manager of the relevant VCE study.


VCE Professional Development

Professional learning dates

  • 2024 02 26-Monday 26 February
    • Unpacking the 2024 School-assessed Task for VCE Systems EngineeringMore info
  • 2024 02 27-Tuesday 27 February
    • VCE Algorithmics (HESS) 2024 SAT WebinarMore info
  • 2024 02 28-Wednesday 28 February
  • 2024 02 29-Thursday 29 February
    • VCE Software Development 2024 SAT WebinarMore info
  • 2024 03 04-Monday 04 March
    • VCE Visual Communication Design Units 3 and 4 Question and Answer sessionMore info
  • 2024 03 06-Wednesday 06 March
    • VCE Art Making and Exhibiting Units 3 and 4 Question and Answer sessionMore info
  • 2024 03 13-Wednesday 13 March
    • VCE Art Creative Practice School-assessed Task Question and Answer sessionMore info
  • 2024 03 19-Tuesday 19 March
    • VCE Media Units 3 and 4 Question and Answer sessionMore info