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Continuum of practice

The VCAA has developed a set of advisory resources to assist schools and their leadership teams to:

  • conduct an internal self-review and audit of practice for delivery
  • identify best practice in the delivery of senior secondary programs
  • facilitate a school development plan and identify practices which may lead to improved student outcomes.


To support the implementation of the Continuum of Practice, we interviewed a group of school principals. Watch these principals discuss how they went about creating successful outcomes by implementing the continuum.

Transcript of video VCE Continuum of Practice - Principals share strategies for VCE Success.

The VCE & VCE VM Continuum of Practice is available for download:

Documented curriculum plans, assessment and shared pedagogical approaches

Moderation of common student assessment tasks

Data analysis and evaluation of student learning growth over time

Explicit use of evidence-based school improvement strategies and teacher professional practice activities

In introducing this material to your school a range of sample activities are provided:

  • All activities are able to be applied to any of the elements
  • There is a range of individual and group tasks
  • Each activity is discrete, you can deliver over a period of time
  • aim is to introduce a dynamic tool not a list of compliance standards to be met


Card Game

NSEW Resources

Scale Activity

YN Survey


The VET Continuum of Practice is available for download.

Documented VET program delivery, training and assessment practices and shared pedagogical approaches


The VCE VM Continuum of Practice is available for download.

VCE VM Continuum of Practice


The VPC Continuum of Practice is available for download.

VPC Continuum of Practice