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Apply to deliver the VCE and/or the VPC

Education and training providers seeking to deliver the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and/or the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) from 2025 must apply to the VCAA for permission to deliver the studies available to complete these certificates. Providers are also required to be registered by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA). Information about registration can be found on the VRQA website.


Guidance on the permissions process to deliver VCE studies and/or VPC studies from 2025

Providers seeking to deliver VCE studies and/or VPC studies can access the necessary application forms and instructions via the ‘provider type’ links below.

Key dates

Provider type

Applying for permission to deliver:


All new providers in first year of permission process

  • VCE studies, including VM studies 
  • VPC studies

30 June 2024

Continuing providers in second and third year of permission or existing providers of VCE VM and VPC wishing to expand their scope

  • Additional VCE, including VM studies
  • Additional VPC studies

31 May 2024

All Non-school Senior Secondary and Foundation Secondary Provider’s (NSSSFSP)

Any VCE, including VM, studies and/or VPC studies included in VRQA registration or re-registration process.
Any VCE, including VM, studies and/or VPC studies NSSSFSPs intend to add to their scope within the 5-year registration period.

28 March 2024

Single study providers

VCE Dance and Music

1 August 2024

VCE Languages

12 August 2024