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School-based Assessment Audit


The purpose of the School-based Assessment Audit is to protect the integrity of the VCE and its results. Schools must deliver the VCE to established standards. The audit checks that schools are delivering VCE school-based assessment in accordance with the standards and requirements set out in the study designs and in line with the VCE assessment principles (docx - 68.73kb).

School-based assessment for all VCE studies consists of School-assessed Coursework (SAC) tasks, School-assessed Tasks (SAT), or a combination of both. The School-based Assessment Audit reviews all aspects of school-based assessment, including assessment tasks, marking practices and compliance with the administrative requirements set out in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook.

The audit helps us to:

  • check how curriculum and assessment are being implemented
  • make sure school-based assessments are comparable across schools
  • identify if there is common misinterpretation of VCE study design requirements
  • plan assessment advice and professional development programs for teachers.

The audit also helps schools to make sure that their school-based assessment is being conducted in line with the requirements of the VCE study design and the VCE assessment principles. It can provide guidance about rectifying any errors or recommend where an adjustment to practice is required.


All schools are audited annually for at least one VCE study and all VCE studies are subject to the School-based Assessment Audit. Schools are notified of their requirements for audit through VASS:

  • For Unit 4: Tuesday 20 July

All dates relating to the audit are published on the 2021 Important Administrative Dates page.

Schools can access the list of studies being audited in Unit 4, as well as the outcomes of the Unit 3 audit, through the following screen on VASS: School Program > VCE > School-based Assessment Audit.


Unit 4 School-based Assessment Audit

Stage 1: Unit 4 study-specific audit questionnaire

In stage 1 of the audit, teachers, on behalf of their school, complete an online study-specific audit questionnaire. Audit submissions are reviewed by an appointed Audit Panel. Audit outcomes and findings are provided to schools in an audit report.

Where a school is found to have met the requirements in stage 1 of the audit, no further action is required. Schools that have not met requirements in stage 1 of the audit are required to progress to stage 2 of the audit.

Stage 2: Unit 4 further evidence

Stage 2 of the School-based Assessment Audit involves the submission of further evidence. The items of further evidence requested may be on any aspect of the assessment, including assessment information provided to students, conditions of assessment, tasks, marking schemes or criteria, assessment timeline, samples of student work or moderation processes. Any further evidence requirements will be set out in the stage 1 audit report.

Time required to complete

  • It usually takes between one and three hours to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire
  • The collection of information in preparation to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire may take between three and six hours. Please note, we do not require the creation of any materials specifically for the purpose of the audit

Technical difficulties

If you experience technical difficulties with the online questionnaire, please email the School Assessment Unit or call (03) 9059 5166.

Instructions on completing the Unit 4 study-specific audit questionnaire

Important information

Please read these instructions before you commence the audit questionnaire.


If there is more than one person teaching Units 3 and 4 of this study, please make sure this audit is a combined response. Only one response will be considered from each school.

The audit is conducted early to allow for early intervention (if required). We understand that not all information provided will be final. Please answer each question based on the best current information.

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers to complete the audit.

Time required to complete

  • It may take between one and three hours to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire
  • The collection of information in preparation to complete the online study-specific audit questionnaire may take between three and six hours


  • We recommend reviewing the Advice for teachers on the relevant VCE study pages for explanation and definition of terms used within the questionnaires
  • Please refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page for common questions

PDF available

  • This audit must be completed online
  • A PDF document of the questionnaire is available for reference purposes. The PDF should be printed out and used to assist in preparing the answers to this audit. Please note that the PDF shows every question contained in the questionnaire. However, the online version of the questionnaire contains in-built logic, which means that based on your selections, some questions will not appear
  • The PDF is available from VASS. If your VASS administrator is unavailable, please email the School Assessment Unit to obtain a copy
  • It is recommended that answers are prepared in advance using a text editor such as Microsoft Word. Answers can then be copied and pasted into the online questionnaire from the text document. Please note that only text, bullet points and numbered lists can be pasted into input boxes. Tables and images cannot be pasted into input boxes.

For more information, refer to Navigation instructions (docx - 306.36kb).

Key dates in 2021

  • Tuesday 20 July: Outcome of Unit 3 further evidence available on VASS
  • Tuesday 20 July: Notification of Unit 4 audit requirements available on VASS. Online audit questionnaires open for Unit 4
  • Friday 13 August: Unit 4 audit questionnaire responses due
  • Tuesday 5 October: Outcomes of Unit 4 audit questionnaires available on VASS

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Privacy statement and collection notice

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is a statutory authority continued under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) (the Act).

The information collected through this questionnaire is used by the VCAA to facilitate the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) School-based Assessment Audit as part of the VCAA's responsibilities under the Act. When you provide your name and email address in the questionnaire, this is 'personal information' within the meaning of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (the PDP Act). Personal information is used, disclosed and handled by the VCAA in accordance with the PDP Act.

A third-party contractor, Qualtrics, collects and stores responses to the questionnaire (including any personal information) securely on its Australian-based servers on behalf of the VCAA. You can read the Qualtrics privacy policy here:  After the year in which the questionnaire is conducted, the VCAA stores questionnaire responses securely on its own servers, and retains and destroys the Data in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

The questionnaire uses persistent cookies, enabling you to return and complete it over multiple sessions if you use the same internet browser and computer each time. Cookies are small data files that a website is able to place on a user's hard drive to record aspects of that user's experience of the website. If your internet browser is set to block all cookies, you will not be able to use this 'save and continue' function.

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An individual may request access to personal information the VCAA holds about them, if any, and request its correction if inaccurate. To do so, please contact the Manager, School-based Assessment Audit via email:

View the VCAA Privacy Policy.