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Using the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)

The Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS) is an online service.

Data is recorded on a central database. All VCE and VET providers enter and use this data to enrol students and record results.

Hardware and browser requirements

Schools are responsible for meeting these requirements.

Operating system:

  • Windows Operating System


  • Microsoft Edge.

Browser settings

Use the instructions in the PDFs provided on this page to configure your browser so you can access VASS.

If your browser is not configured you will get the error message “Authentication Failure - System Not Properly Configured” and/or VASS will not operate as expected.

Choose the instructions that match your operating system and browser.

Windows XP browser configuration instructions:

Windows XP Internet Explorer 6

Windows XP Internet Explorer 7

Windows XP Internet Explorer 8

Windows Vista or Windows 7 browser configuration instructions:

Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7

Windows 7 or Windows Vista Internet Explorer 8

Windows 10 or 11 browser configuration instructions:

Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer mode)

Internet Explorer 10 & 11 (32bit) using the Grid

The VCAA notify schools of new VASS versions. See Notices to Schools.

Skills required to use VASS

The effective administration of the Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS) involves a number of tasks and requires a range of skills. These may vary between schools, depending on the student population and the complexity of student programs. VASS administration tasks may be shared by a number of staff, and close collaboration with VCE, VET and VCAL co-ordinators is necessary.

A clear understanding of VCAA requirements for VCE, VET and VCAL program construction is required.

Good communication, planning and scheduling skills are needed for adherence to strict VCAA timelines.

  • For example, this could involve the creation of a yearly schedule, planning when information is required from teachers so that it can be recorded in VASS.
  • Many VASS functions require a good knowledge of Microsoft EXCEL.
  • Schools can make VASS available to teachers to view reports about their classes, or in some cases to enter results. Other schools may choose to make paper reports available.
  • This can be enhanced by keeping informed of changes to VASS through initiatives such as the VASS Administrators Forum.

The VCAA requires strict adherence to timelines for data entry in VASS. It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that these timelines are met. Schools may have different processes to meet these requirements, and internal school deadlines should be set to achieve these timelines.

VASS New Users Manual and Quick Guides

Download the manual or quick guides for information on managing VCE, VET and VPC/VCAL on the VASS database.

VASS New Users Manual

VCE Quick Guide for VASS Administrators

VET Quick Guide for VASS Administrators

VPC/VCAL Quick Guide for VASS Administrators

VCE Single Study Languages Quick Guide for VASS Administrators

RTO Quick Guide for VASS Administrators

HES Quick Guide

System support

Contact VASS Operations on 1800 623 681. Or send them an email

For enquiries on VCE, VET and VCAL enrolments, results or missed deadlines, contact VCAA student records.