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Check out Victoria’s new formative assessment library

Schools can now register to access a new online library of formative assessments.

The Digital Assessment Library (DAL) is being made available on an open trial basis to all Victorian schools and teachers.

Previously, a select group of schools have been helping develop the DAL by administering trial assessments to their students. Under the open trial, access is now open to all schools to experience the DAL’s online assessment tests in English and Mathematics.

To register, principals (or delegates) can email our Helpdesk with the subject line: DAL registration request.

We will contact you seeking information to complete your registration.

After we process your registration, your school/class will be able to be assigned a set of linear tests based on the latest developments in digital technologies and the measurement of learning, and aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

The DAL does not require the installation of any additional software on student devices and is supported on all major internet browsers on desktops, laptops and tablets.

About the Digital Assessment Library

Formative assessment is essential to teaching and learning.

Knowing what students have – and have not – learnt, supports teachers in planning their instructions effectively. Through the Digital Assessment Library (DAL), Victoria’s teachers can now connect with a new set of formative assessment items.

The DAL is being released progressively and will include assessments across a range of learning areas. The benefits of the DAL include:

  • a new online platform featuring an easy to use test-taking interface for students
  • access to formative assessments that provide results to assist teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness for each individual student
  • valid, reliable and standardised measures of learning closely aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

The DAL is being developed as part of the Education State investment in teachers and technologies. It is available freely to Government, Catholic and Independent schools in Victoria.