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Insight Assessment Platform

Platform support

Government schools

The following information and support materials aim to assist Government schools in using the Insight Assessment Platform.

For VCE educators looking for access to the Past VCE Examinations on Insight, please visit: Past VCE examinations.

Teachers and other system users

Visit the Practice Space page to learn about familiarising yourself with the platform.

For further information about a specific assessment tool, please visit: Assessment tools.

Government School Assessment and Delivery User Guide

Reporting Guide

School technical staff

It is highly recommended that schools undertake an IT system check to ensure the school system is ready to use the Insight Assessment Platform.

CASES21 operators

Insight uses student and staff data from CASES21 to enable assessments to be assigned and completed.

To assist, ensure that your school's data is ready to be used by Insight to help deliver assessments starting in Term 1 each year, please visit the CASES21 Portal

School assessment administrators

A person with the role of school assessment administrator on the Insight Assessment Platform has permissions that provide access to extra functionality on Insight, including managing rosters and whole-school data analysis and reporting.

By default, the school principal is the administrator for their school and they are able to assign other staff as administrators. For more information, see Principal Administrator role.

Government School Administrator Guide

MOI and FDOI Webinars, Semester 1 2024

The department is holding webinars, specially designed to support teachers to use and implement two quality assessment tools: Mathematics Online Interview (MOI) and Fractions and Decimals Online Interview (FDOI). These tools support teachers to assess student knowledge, understanding, and strategies used in mathematics. Developed in collaboration with the original creators of MOI and FDOI, these webinars offer valuable insights on making the most of these assessment tools.

  1. Using and making the most of the Foundation Detour in the MOI. (Pre-recorded webinar)
  2. Preparing for and making the most of FDOI. Note: Live webinar. Registration required.
  3. MOI #1 webinar of the 2-part series: Preparing for MOI. Note: Live webinar. Registration required.
  4. MOI #2 Webinar of the 2-part series: Making the most of the MOI. Note: Live webinar. Registration required.

These Webinars offer valuable insights for teachers using the MOI and FODI with early primary, middle, and upper primary, as well as early secondary levels. For additional details and resources about the MOI and FDOI tools, visit the Mathematics Online Interview and Fractions and Decimal Online Interview webpage. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact the Assessment and Reporting Unit at

Further technical support

For technical issues related to the Insight Assessment Platform, contact the School Assessment Administrator at your school in the first instance. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact the Department's Service Desk:

Service Gateway

1800 641 943