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Insight Assessment Platform

Platform support

Non-government schools

The following information and support materials aim to assist non-government schools in using the Insight Assessment Platform.

Teachers and other system users

Visit the Practice Space page to learn about familiarising yourself with the platform.

For further information about a specific assessment tool, please visit: Assessment tools.

Catholic School Assessment Delivery Guide

Independent School Assessment Delivery Guide

Reporting Guide

School technical staff

It is highly recommended that schools undertake an IT system check to ensure the school system is ready to use the Insight Assessment Platform.

School assessment administrators

A person with the role of school assessment administrator on the Insight Assessment Platform has permissions that provide access to extra functionality on Insight, including managing rosters and whole-school data analysis and reporting.

By default, the school principal is the administrator for their school, but schools have the option of assigning other staff as administrators. If the principal would like to have staff added or removed as administrators, please contact:

Catholic School Administrator Guide

Independent School Administrator Guide

Technical support

For technical issues related to the Insight Assessment Platform, contact the relevant support provider for your sector.

If the issues cannot be resolved, contact: