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NAPLAN Test Administration Website

The NAPLAN Test Administration website is now open.

Schools are required to use this secure website to complete a number of administrative tasks during the three phases listed below.

The website's address is:

If you have misplaced your login details, please send an email with "NAPLAN ADMIN SITE PASSWORD REQUEST" in the subject line to the VCAA’s NAPLAN helpdesk at with the name and address of the school clearly stated in the body of the text. Password requests must come from either the principal or assistant principal.

If you require any assistance regarding the use of the NAPLAN Test Administration website, or have queries relating to NAPLAN student data or NAPLAN test administration, please contact the VCAA on 1800 648 637 or

Phase 1 - Enrolment Phase

From Friday 28 January to Friday 18 February 2022, schools are required to:

  • complete their ‘Statement of Compliance’
  • register the names of staff who are authorised to take delivery of NAPLAN test materials
  • review/edit school contact and confirm address details
  • order tests in alternative formats.
  • complete Student Registration (independent schools only)

Independent schools must upload their student registration data by Friday 11 February 2022.

All other tasks are to be completed by Friday 18 February 2022.

NAPLAN Online schools are required to complete additional tasks by Friday 4 March 2022.

  • Technical Readiness Check
  • NAPLAN Online Scheduler

Instructions for using the website during the enrolment phase are available from the 'Help' section in the NAPLAN Test Administration website once you have logged in.

Phase 2 - Test Phase

From Tuesday 26 April to Friday 20 May 2022 the website will be updated with student enrolment information and released to schools so that they can complete the following tasks related to student participation:

  • apply for the use of assistive technology and scribes as required
  • apply double extra time
  • request extra materials as required
  • add/edit the names of test administrators who will conduct the test (paper school only)
  • add the details of any students who have arrived since pre-enrolment in February (paper school only)
  • generate exemption and withdrawal forms as required
  • print student attendance forms as required (paper school only)
  • record student attendance (paper school only).

Instructions for using the website during the test phase are available from the 'Help' section in the NAPLAN Test Administration website once you have logged in.

Phase 3 - Reporting Phase

PDF images of students’ NAPLAN 2022 writing test responses will be available on the website for schools to download. Further information regarding this will be sent to schools later in the year.