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NAPLAN Data Service

The VCAA provides a comprehensive NAPLAN Data Service for all Victorian schools that includes a range of online reports.

Reports within the NAPLAN Data Service provide results data at national, state, school, sub-group and student levels.  These reports provide schools with a powerful means of identifying and analysing particular areas of strength and weakness.  Item level data is included, enabling teachers to analyse student response patterns within a class or sub-group.  This information can assist the development of teaching programs and strategies. The Data Service also provides both school and student level trend data, further assisting schools in measuring growth and outcomes over time.

A video outlining the reports in the NAPLAN Data Service will be available shortly. This is intended as a refresher for those who have used this service in the past and as an overview for those who are new to it.

VCAA Data Service

This year, five new reports (the fifth in the second release only) will be available in the newly developed VCAA Data Service. These reports have been developed specifically for schools that completed the NAPLAN tests online in 2019.

Download an overview of the VCAA Data Service and its reports

The Student and School Summary Report (SSSR) can also be downloaded via the VCAA Data Service.

NOTE: The username and password to access the VCAA Data Service are the same as the ones for the NAPLAN Data Service.

Professional Development Workshops for NAPLAN Online

Details will be available in term 3, 2020.