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Identifying unexpected results

The VCAA has a number of safeguards in place to check the quality of the marking of VCE examinations. One of these is identifying students whose examination results are unexpected and reviewing them.

Process of review

The VCAA identifies students whose results are anomalous, or unexpected. The Chief Assessor reviews any scores identified as anomalous.

Checks are made against the GAT and the Indicative Grade and a student's assessment is reviewed if it is lower than expected from the results of any other examination in the same study.

In each case the differences identified must be statistically significant. For the Indicative Grade check the difference must be the equivalent of at least two grades.

For more information or advice on this process, contact VCAA

Inspecting examination response materials

Students wanting to find out more about their results can apply to have their completed examination response materials and audio recordings inspected.

To find out more, see Inspection of examination response materials