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Statement of marks

You can order a Statement of Marks for all written and performance examinations, and for the GAT.

Personalised application forms are included in the December results package sent to each VCE and VCAL student who undertake a VCE unit 3-4 study.

The Statement of Marks form is also available from the school or you can download the application form.

Description of the Statement of Marks

A Statement of Examination Marks shows the mark received for each question or criterion on the examination and the maximum mark obtainable. It also contains the range of scores that correspond to the grade you received.

A Statement of GAT Examination Marks contains the correct response and your response to each multiple-choice question, your total mark for each multiple-choice component and your mark for the written components.

A Statement of Study Score shows your specific Graded Assessment scores and explains how your study score was calculated. 

Applications for these documents close Friday 8 February 2019.

Late applications will be accepted until Friday 1 March 2019 with an additional late fee of $40.25. Applications received after this date will not be processed.

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