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VCE VET programs scored assessment

Selected VCE VET programs have a study score component based on the designated units 3 and 4 sequence of their program.

For scored VCE VET programs, the study score is calculated using assessments of each student's level of performance.

Judgments about each student's level of performance are based on two sources:

  • school-assessed coursework – a set of coursework tasks set by the assessor
  • an examination set by the VCAA.

It is important to note that:

  • The units 3 and 4 sequences of VCE VET programs are not designed as stand-alone studies. Students are strongly advised against undertaking the units 3 and 4 sequence without first completing units 1 and 2.
  • The same assessment regime (that is, scored coursework tasks) should be used for all students regardless of their senior secondary certificate enrolment.
  • If a student does not wish to receive a study score or any grade for a VCE VET program, the school will need to enter 'NA' for the three tasks on VASS. That student does not undertake the examination.

VCE VET programs with a study score

VCE VET programs with a study score are available to students who undertake the relevant units 3 and 4 sequence.

For most programs, with the exception of Dance and Music Industry (Music Performance), a study score consists of:

  • three coursework tasks worth 66 per cent of the overall study score
  • an end-of-year examination worth 34 per cent of the overall study score.

Eligible VCE VET programs

ATAR contribution for scored VCE VET programs

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is calculated by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

ATAR is subject to satisfactory completion of the VCE and uses the study scores students have received for their VCE studies or VCE VET programs.

The ATAR contribution to a scored VCE VET program is as follows:

  • Any contribution to the ATAR is subject to satisfactory completion of the designated units 3 and 4 sequence.
  • The study score will contribute directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student's primary four studies or as a fifth or sixth study.
  • Students may choose not to receive a study score; however, in that case they will not be eligible for any ATAR contribution from the units 3 and 4 sequence of that scored VCE VET program.

For further information on the contribution of scored VCE VET programs to the ATAR, visit VTAC — Study rules.

Materials for scored assessment for VCE VET programs

VCE VET Assessment Guide

The VCE VET Assessment Guide is for all VCE VET scored programs.

It contains:

  • background information relating to VCE VET study scores
  • an overview of study score assessment
  • the process for integrating study scores with competency-based assessment
  • detailed advice regarding the development and assessment of coursework tasks
  • generic templates
  • scoring criteria
  • coursework assessment records.

Download the VCE VET Assessment Guide.

Frameworks for task types

These frameworks are a guide to outline the fundamental information required to complete each of the four task types available for assessment of scored VCE VET programs:

VCE VET assessment advice

Assessment plans

An assessment plan is a table that lists all units of competency that comprise the student's units 3 and 4 sequence and maps them against the three selected assessment tasks.

Assessment plans for all students undertaking scored assessment must be developed within the guidelines described on pages 7–13 of the VCE VET Assessment Guide and entered on the VASS by the ENROLMENT 4 deadline.

To find current enrolment dates, see the administrative dates page.

Scoring criteria

Each of the four task types have specific scoring criteria.

The student’s level of performance on school-assessed coursework is assessed using the scoring criteria to determine the level of performance on a task.

Each criterion has a set of descriptors and a numerical rating scale of 1–5.

On this scale:

  • 1 represents the base performance
  • 3 is a medium performance
  • 5 is a high performance.

The minimum possible score for a task is 5 and the maximum is 25.

Download the Criteria for scoring template.

VET coursework assessment records (VCARs)

Assessments may be recorded on three separate VCARs for each student.

Details on how to record coursework assessments are provided on page 22 of the VCE VET Assessment Guide.

Download the VET coursework assessment record (VCARs).

State reviewers

The VCAA appoints state reviewers who are program specialists and are closely involved in the assessment process.

State reviewers can provide assistance and advice with regard to delivery schedules and the design of coursework tasks for scoring purposes.

State reviewer details, including contact information, is located on each program page.


Students undertaking a scored VCE VET program will sit an externally set and assessed examination at the end of the school year.

The examination specifications, sample materials, past examination papers and assessment reports for each of the scored VCE VET programs are found on the VCE VET examination specifications, past examinations and reports page.

Scored assessment reform project

The VCAA is currently reviewing the school-based assessment component of scored assessment.

VCE VET Scored Assessment Task Type Review

The VCE VET Scored Assessment Task Type Review Project aims to provide:

  • Simplification and clarification of the VCE VET scored assessment task rules.
  • Consistency and quality to achieve better assessment and audit outcomes.
  • Flexibility to enable units of competency (UoC) to be assessed by at least two different task types.

The proposed new task types will include:

  • increased flexibility to improve addressing assessment requirements of UOC’s
  • revised assessment time that corresponds to individual programs and the type of assessment used to gather sufficient and appropriate evidence
  • additional supporting documents for assessors.

The proposed task types are being trialled by teachers from all scored programs and the outcomes will inform the development of a new policy. This will be communicated to schools in Term 4, 2019 with professional development activities conducted around the state in late 2019 and early 2020 to support schools.

Professional development – scored assessment workshops

The VCE VET scored assessment workshops are held annually in March for teachers and assessors of scored VCE VET programs.

For workshop details, including registration information, see Professional learning.

Support material

VCE VET Assessment Guide

Criteria for scoring template