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Victorians come from over 200 different countries and speak over 230 different languages. Almost a quarter of Victorians were born overseas.

In Victorian government schools, 27% of the student population is from language backgrounds other than English and 13% of the student population is made up of English as an additional language (EAL) learners. The provision of appropriate educational support, particularly EAL programs, is essential to supporting these children.

Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, Birth to 8 (VEYLDF) supports early childhood professionals to work together and with families to achieve common outcomes for all children.

VEYLDF provides a common language to describe children’s learning and complements the discipline-specific resources that support early childhood professionals as they work with children and families.

The implementation of VEYLDF is supported by:

Supporting Children Learning English as a Second Language in the early years (birth to six years)
Discussion paper by Dr Priscilla Clarke

Three professional training modules, delivered by FKA Children’s Services, based on the discussion paper and that provide information on the way children learn English as an additional language and how to support children in acquiring the skills required in a new language as they progress towards transition to school.

Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (birth to six)
A resource booklet by Dr Priscilla Clarke, which provides practical ideas, resources and references.