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World Views and Religions

Learning about world views and religions – sample units of work

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 includes multiple opportunities for students to learn about world views and religions. This enables students to be more informed and engaged at both a local and global level, understanding the perspectives of diverse local communities and being better informed about the beliefs and practices of traditions other than their own.

To support this learning, the VCAA has produced sample units of work for Years 3–10. Each sample unit of work is linked to a different curriculum area: Civics and Citizenship, Geography, History, Intercultural Capability.

Years 3 and 4, Civics and Citizenship – Rules influencing life (docx - 120kb)

Years 5 and 6, Geography – Special places and spaces (docx - 98.19kb)

Years 7 and 8, History – Ideas that travelled (docx - 113.18kb)

Years 9 and 10, Intercultural Capability – The significance of festivals (docx - 112.36kb)