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Foundation Mathematics

Accreditation period Units 1 and 2: 2016-2022

The accreditation period has been extended and expires 31 December 2022.

Study Design

VCE Mathematics Study Design (pdf - 650.41kb)

Details on areas of study, outcomes and assessment for Foundation Mathematics Units 1-2: 2016-2022.

Support material

Advice for teachers
Learning activities and assessment advice for teachers, including performance descriptors.

Glossary of command terms
This glossary provides a list of terms commonly used across the Victorian Curriculum F–10, VCE study designs and VCE examinations and to help students better understand the requirements of command terms in the context of their discipline.

Frequently asked questions
Based on queries raised during the Mathematics Study Design implementation briefings.

Study design for implementation in 2023

Teachers are advised that the study design listed below is for use from 2023. This is available to teachers in preparation for the implementation of the new study in 2023. Additional resources will be added progressively as they become available.

For accreditation period 2023-2027

In 2022, schools must ensure they use the VCE Mathematics Study Design 2016-2022.

Curriculum Manager

Michael MacNeill
Curriculum Manager - Mathematics
tel: + 61 3 7022 5538

Curriculum Managers lead, manage and support the production, review and development of senior secondary curriculum and assessment materials. They also provide policy advice and implementation support for Foundation to Year 12 curriculum and assessment.