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VCE VET programs

VCE VET programs are VET qualifications approved by the VCAA following consultation with schools, industry and training providers.

They lead to nationally recognised qualifications and provide an opportunity for students to receive credit towards their VCE, VCE VM, VPC or VCAL.

Some VCE VET programs offer scored assessment, most provide structured workplace learning and recognition. This is clearly stated on each program page.

Please see the VCE VET program chart. This poster provides a list of all VCE VET programs and shows if a program offers Units 1 and 2 and/or Units 3 and 4. It also shows if a VCE VET program can be undertaken as scored or non-scored.

For the latest program changes, please see 2023 VCE VET program summary. For detailed changes to each VCE VET program, please check the respective program page.

For VCE VET program changes that were approved for 2022 implementation, please see 2022 VCE VET program structures (Updated 15 June 2022). The 2023 VCE VET program structures document will be available shortly.

The following VCE VET programs can be included in the VCE, VCE VM, VPC or VCAL.