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Lynne Kosky Memorial Applied Learning Grants

Lynne Kosky the former education minister is smiling into the camera and sitting down leaning on a desk

Lynne Kosky, former Victorian Education Minister

The VCAA is pleased to call for nominations for the 2024 Lynne Kosky Memorial Applied Learning Grants.

The grants provide an important financial stimulus to VCE Vocational Major (VM) or Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) providers to develop learning initiatives for their students that support lifelong learning and increased community participation.

Principals/directors, applied learning coordinators and teachers are strongly encouraged to apply for a 2024 Lynne Kosky Memorial Applied Learning grant.

Frequently asked questions

What is the grant?

The Lynne Kosky Memorial Applied Learning Grants acknowledge the outstanding contribution to education and training in Victoria made by Lynne Kosky, the former Victorian Education Minister, who passed away in December 2014. The grant replaces the Lynne Kosky Memorial Scholarships which were administered by the Department of Education from 2015 to 2017.

How much is each grant?

Each grant is valued at $6,250.00

How many grants are available?

Each year the VCAA will provide up to eight (8) grants.

Who can apply for a grant?

All registered VCE or VPC providers are eligible to apply for a grant.

What is the aim of the grant?

The aim is to provide support to VCE or VPC providers to implement an initiative that will:

  • extend student progress and attainment in their VCE VM or VPC studies
  • increase student opportunities for lifelong learning
  • enhance VCE VM or VPC student opportunities for community engagement
  • Engage VCE VM or VPC students in the design, making and/or finishing stages of the initiative.

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how their proposal meets these aims in the selection criteria.

What will be expected of grant recipients?

Grant recipients will be expected to spend the grant money within the 2024 school year and submit a report on the success of the initiative for which they received the grant.

How to apply

  1. Complete the online application form. There is a 500-word limit for each response.
  2. Have your principal/CEO complete the endorsement of the Principal/CEO. This signed endorsement must be attached to the online application.
  3. Ensure your Principal/CEO is aware of the grant's Victorian Common Funding Agreement Terms and Conditions).

Application Suggestions

In completing the questions in the online form, applicants are encouraged to consider the following advice:

A) Provide a brief summary of the project

  • Be explicit about how and where the project links to VCE VM or VPC curriculum, including outcomes or learning goals being met.
  • Indicate how the project supports the aims of your VCE VM or VPC program, e.g. student independence, real-life learning, community connection, etc.

B) How will the grant create new opportunities for lifelong learning by VCE VM or VPC students?

  • Be specific about the skills and mindset required for lifelong learning that this project will focus on.
  • Indicate how this project will provide new, or different, opportunities for this growth above what is available within your current VCE VM or VPC program.

C) How will the grant enhance opportunities for VCE VM or VPC students to foster greater community engagement?

  • Be specific about the nature of the proposed community engagement and how the students will benefit from this project.
  • Indicate how the project will provide new or different opportunities for community engagement above what is available within your current VCE VM or VPC program.

D) How will VCE VM or VPC students be involved in the design, making and/or finishing stages of the initiative being funded by the grant?

  • Be specific about how you will work with your VCE VM or VPC students to personalise your proposal so that it meets the learning needs of your 2024 cohort.
  • Indicate where student involvement is going to be key, acknowledging that it will likely be heavier in some aspects and lighter in others.

Key timelines

Applications closed.

  • Grant applications must be submitted online by no later than 11.59pm Monday 20 November 2023
  • Grant recipients will be notified as soon as possible after judging and the Minister authorisation is obtained.

Need assistance in applying for a grant?

If you are unsure about how to apply or what to include in your application, contact the Applied Learning Unit on 9059 5160.

What will not be considered?

  • Applications from entities that are not registered VCE or VPC providers as identified on the VRQA State Register.
  • Applications for support to individual VCE VM or VPC students or teachers.
  • Initiatives that are already being funded under other government programs.
  • Initiatives that are already being implemented where the grant will not lead to significant change.
  • Initiatives that do not engage VCE VM or VPC students in the design, making and/or finishing stages.
  • Initiatives that are for 'one off' activities such as camps, events or travel to events.