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VCE Leadership Awards

The 2022 VCE Leadership Awards ceremony was held on Friday 16 September 2022. Read about the 2022 VCE Leadership Awards finalists.

The VCE Leadership Awards recognise VCE students’ important and innovative community work, and highlight examples of exemplary leadership.

VCE Leadership students demonstrate initiative, inspire others, work well in a team, and are committed to making a difference. Nominees may participate in activities associated with the arts, sport, debating and public speaking. They may campaign for social justice, environmental protection or fundraising.

For more information, email the VCAA Festival and Events team or call (03) 7008 8180.

A photograph of the VCE Leadership Awards finalists

From Left: VCAA Chair Chris Wardlaw, VCAA Board Member Aayushi Khillan, Toby Mew, Emily Harle, Leena Mazin, Kyra Hatzikosmidis, Azraf Ezaz, Bethany Yeoung, Amelia Bailey and VCAA CEO Stephen Gniel at the VCE Leadership Awards 2022.