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VCE Exams Navigator 2023

Additional information

Important examination documents

You should contact your VCE coordinator to obtain the following documents:

  • Student Examination/Assessment timetables
  • examination advice slips (for performance and Languages oral examinations and the Extended Investigation oral presentation)
  • additional information about performance examination requirements
  • Special Examination Arrangements advice slips.

Sample examination front covers, data books, formula sheets and Multiple-Choice Answer Sheets for written examinations are available before the written examination period.

Response materials and recordings

Your response materials, audio and audiovisual recordings remain the property of the VCAA and will not be returned. Response materials may be made available for inspection under certain conditions. All written examination papers and audio recordings for Music performance examinations may be available for inspection.

The following materials are not available for inspection:

  • video recordings for any performance examination
  • recordings of VCE Language oral examinations and VCE Extended Investigation oral presentation.

Change of address advice

Your results will be sent to your address as recorded on VASS. The final date to amend your address is Monday 13 November.

Consents and permissions

Earlier this year, you would have completed a Student Full Details form, in which you gave consent and permission for your personal or assessment information to be used.

It is critical that you check and confirm that you are comfortable with your consent and permission well before the end of the year.

For example, if you achieve a study score of 40 or above in any VCE study and you have given your consent, your achievement will be published in major newspapers and on the VCAA website.

Contact your school if you wish to check or change any of your consents and permissions. The final date to amend your address is Monday 13 November.