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2018 Plain English Speaking Award State Finalists

Examination timetable

Examination timetable

External assessments are set and marked by the VCAA. They are the same for all students taking the same VCE study. Usually this will be an exam – whether written, oral, performance or in an electronic format.

Your external assessments are marked by assessors who are experts in their area of study. All VCE studies are marked to the same standard and there are multiple checks to make sure that marking is fair.

For more information on the 2021 examination periods and rules, please visit the examination timetable page.


Past examinations and examination reports

Past VCE and VCE VET examinations are a great tool for students when they prepare for their Unit 3 and 4 external assessments. By completing past examinations, students can familiarise themselves with examination format, practise applying their knowledge and skills, gain useful insight into areas of focus for revision and practise managing their time.

All past examinations are accompanied by an examination report that provides students with feedback on student performance in the examination. Examination reports for written examinations also contain examples indicating what answers may have included.

Visit the Past examinations and examination reports page.