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Examination specifications, past examinations and external assessment reports

Each examination page below has a number of different types of documentation, including:

  • examination specifications, which contain useful information on examination conditions, content, format, approved materials and equipment for an examination, and any relevant references and advice
  • sample examinations, which have examples of the types of questions that might be included in an examination for a reaccredited or revised VCE or VCE VET study
  • past examinations for current and past study designs, which are available for schools and students to use as revision materials
  • external assessment reports, which provide information about how students performed in written, oral and performance examinations and Externally-assessed Tasks. Teachers and students can use these reports to prepare for examinations. Some reports contain answers to examination questions.

Read this important copyright information

VCE examinations are copyright material owned by the VCAA and may contain copyright material owned by third parties. The VCAA is grateful to rightsholders for permission to reproduce material in these examinations. Users should ensure that their use complies with the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Schools may use these past VCE examinations in reliance on the VCAA's allowance for educational institutions. Refer to our copyright page for details.


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