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On Demand Testing

Important note

On-Demand assessments have been available to Victorian schools since 2005. The tests are being phased out in 2024 to align with the release of new VCAA classroom assessments on the Digital Assessment Library (DAL).

The On Demand platform has reached an end-of-life state, and the assessment items are not aligned to the current or revised Victorian Curriculum 2.0. The VCAA recommends that no further On Demand assessments be conducted in schools throughout February to June 2024 and that schools remove the On Demand server at their earliest convenience. From June 2024, schools will no longer be able to administer assessments to students via the On Demand platform. All school users of On Demand have been sent email instructions from the VCAA on how to decommission the platform.

Schools that wish to keep a record of historical assessment data can extract the relevant reports they would like to retain from the platform prior to the removal of the On Demand server from the school environment. Instructions on how to generate and export reports for On Demand are provided in Section 3.11, “Generating Reports” (pp. 52–55), in the On Demand Teacher Training Guide.

The VCAA On Demand Helpdesk is available to support schools through the decommissioning process. Please call 1800 827 721 or email if you have any concerns about the retirement of this program or require assistance.

Thank you for your support of On Demand over the years.

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Contact the On Demand Help Desk: 1800 827 721 (Telephone Freecall)

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