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Two girls hug and smile after receiving their results. Two boys smile to themselves in the background.


Results no-show

By now, you should have got your results through the VCE Results and ATAR Service, an email (if you gave an address to your school earlier in the year) and in the post.

If your results package has not arrived by now, it could be because you changed your address during the year and your school did not tell us. You should check at your old address and with Australia Post.

If you did not change your address and your results have not arrived, contact our Student Records and Results team.

Student Records and Results

Call (03) 9032 1700

Send an email

Where to find out more

If there’s something you don’t understand about your results or you want to find out more, check out the Results explainer page. 

If you still need to ask us something, contact general enquiries.

General enquiries

Call (03) 9032 1629

Send an email

Quick 2021 stats 

  • 83,997 students completed an exam across 554 exam centres

  • Number of VCAL enrolments – 26,386

  • Number of VET enrolments – 51,247

  • Top 5 VCE subjects in 2021 – English, Further Maths,
    Maths Methods, Biology, Health and Human Development

40+ score achievers

Well done if you're one of the students who achieved a score of 40 or more. You make up about 9 per cent of all students.

If you got a score of 45 or more, you are in the top 2 per cent. That's pretty impressive!

View the results of VCE high-achieving students

View the results by study

If you didn't get the score

If you didn't get the score you were hoping for, it's normal to feel disappointed.

Remember that your final results do not define who you are or what you are capable of in life.

Over time, there have been students who got high scores but later dropped out of university. Others got low scores and went on to have accomplished careers.

No matter what your final results, be proud of yourself for making it through a tough couple of years.

Turn to your teachers, career counsellors, family and friends for support and advice.

How to deal with disappointment >

Mental health advice and resources >