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Student info

Welcome to our Student info pages, here to help you prepare for your assessments and understand how your results are calculated.

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Fast facts

  • To ensure fairness, students who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 will have their circumstances taken into account when their final study score is calculated
  • The Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED) process aims to restore your results to where they would have been without the COVID-19 disruptions that have occurred this year. Your final scores on examinations will be equal to or higher than your achieved scores
  • CED applies to every student completing one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3–4 sequence in 2021 (including Year 11 and 10 students)
  • Your school or provider can apply for credit for VCAL and VCE students doing non-scored VET

Your questions answered

Here you will find the answers to things you've been asking us about.

If you need to know more, talk to your school first. If that's not an option for you, then phone our exam and assessment student hotline on 1800 717 588 between 8.30am and 10.30pm, 7 days.

For COVID-19 health concerns, call the Department of Health hotline on 1800 675 398.


How are you making VCE fair for me?

CED makes sure that final VCE results are valid and fair for all students by taking into account how COVID-19 has affected you.

It aims to restore your results to where they would have been without the disruptions that have occurred throughout the year.

Your final scores on examinations will be equal to or higher than your achieved scores.

You can opt to submit a Student Statement to your school to alert your teachers to the significant disadvantage you have experienced due to COVID-19. Teachers will make a professional judgement based on all available information about you, your performance during the year and the degree to which your performance has been affected.

You don't have to complete a Student Statement. Every student will be considered through the CED process but without a Student Statement your teacher may not be aware how you have been affected.

Watch how the CED process works.


Are there any other special considerations I can apply for?

In addition to CED, you may also access special provision. This includes Special Examination Arrangements, Derived Examination Score (DES) and VTAC’s Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

Visit the Special Examination Arrangements page.

Visit the Derived Examination Score (DES) page.

If you had other special circumstances that have interrupted your studies, you may be eligible to apply for the SEAS program through VTAC. The SEAS assessment will impact your selection rank for the courses you apply for – not your ATAR.

Talk to your school for more information or visit the VTAC SEAS page.

What about school-based assessments and structured workplace learning?

Your school decides how to conduct school-based assessments. They may be conducted remotely or your school may reschedule them when face-to-face learning resumes.

If your school conducts school-based assessments or structured workplace learning onsite, they will need to follow all COVIDSafe Settings. Government schools must also follow Department of Education and Training guidelines.

If you have not been able to complete your structured workplace learning hours because of COVID-19, talk to your teacher or training provider.

More questions?

Go to our Your questions answered page

Important 2021 dates

Monday 4 October
Languages Oral, Performance and Extended Investigation Oral presentations begin
Tuesday 5 October
GAT from 10am to 1.15pm
Wednesday 27 October
Main period of VCE written examinations begin
View VCE examination timetable
Monday 8 November
Final day to enrol or withdraw from VCE Units 1 and 2
Thursday 16 December
2021 results released

VTAC has confirmed that no student applying through VTAC will be disadvantaged by this revised date

Your health and wellbeing

Taking care of your physical and mental health is important, especially when you’re dealing with study and exams.

Check out the advice and resources for studying and staying healthy during COVID-19

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